MAY 4, 2008 1:29 PM EST 

REFLECTIONS ON CAMPAIGNING IN NORTH CAROLINA…...   We’ve had some time to get some rest last night, after working the precincts over in the outskirts of Charlotte, yesterday.  Wyllene and I walked street to street out in a suburb called Gastonia. There were pockets where we ran into neighbors out in the yards, some sitting  on porches, with kids scattered all around, some leaning on fences chatting with their neighbors.  One had an interesting mix of Black and Whites.  

What conversations!  What interest in the Obama shirts and buttons Wyllene and I had on. And, they all wanted to know what kind of guy he “really” is. We told them, of course.  We might have embellished a bit-but not much.  He REALLY is, all that.  The kids, and there were dozens of them, just “glowed” when hearing about this guy who looked like them.  They stared at the “picture buttons” both Wyllene and I wore proudly on our chests.   

Their reaction did not go unnoticed by their parents.  

It would be a shame and disgrace to try and deny this brilliant young man of hope and vision for change, for the sake of an old war horse who’s stuck with the past.  What a letdown that would be for those kids, who represent our future.  

We’ll write more later about the Awesome interview by Tim Russert of Obama, on Meet The Press.  What questions-what answers!!!!  Tim Russert is arguably the best political interviewer on the Planet.  Barack Obama is the best candidate for President, we ever supported…  

Gotta go back to work….   


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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    An article By Marie Horrigan, written just before the May 6th elections in North Carolina, got my attention, as I was strolling through 8-PAC

    The first thing that hit me was-that was ONLY two weeks ago. Secondly, I was struck how personal Wyllene and I take “our North Carolina Campaign”.

    “Barack Obama heads into the North Carolina primary on Tuesday with a lead statewide, but recent problems for the campaign have allowed rival Hillary Rodham Clinton to make major inroads into an advantage that appeared solid weeks ago.

    Polls in the last few days show Obama still in the lead but by significantly smaller margins – 9 points – than he enjoyed in April when his advantage was in the double digits.”

    Here’s what Marie Horrigan wrote, the day before the election-as she analyzed the expected vote, district by district:
    9th District (South Central – parts of Charlotte and Gastonia). Residents of the 9th District have the highest median income in North Carolina ($55,059). The district centers around Charlotte, which is the largest metropolitan region in the state, and features finance, service and retail as its top industries. The population is largely white, but also affluent and well educated, making it a mixed bag for both candidates. With six delegates at play either Clinton or Obama would have to win more than 58.3 percent of the vote to gain the advantage, an outlook that appears unlikely. CQ Politics Prediction: Tie, 3-3.

    This was OUR district. And, we nailed it!!!!! No tie. We won it 2-1.

    And, we’re ready to go back up there in November. We delight in being part of the best ground force ever developed in politics..

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