Q: What is the Clinton Brand? – A: Depends on what polls well… ~ Editorial

For the Democrats, the worst thing that has happened since January is the tarnishing of the Clinton brand. Clinton haters: Don’t laugh. The truth is that when this whole thing began, the vast majority of Democrats — including Obama supporters — and a fair number of independents had largely positive views of Bill Clinton’s record and Hillary Clinton’s merits.

This is obviously a problem for Hillary Clinton herself, but it is also very bad for a Democratic Party that cannot afford to see the entire Clinton legacy discredited.

What do you think?

From the Desk of the Editor | 8-PAC

  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    I’m thinking that the Clinton legacy is already shaky, to say the least. Go back past Whitewater, and Monica Lewinsky. Go back to the 70s when Hillary worked for that San Francisco law firm that defended Bobby Seale and The Panthers in that murder case.

    There are a lot of gaps in between then and The Monica Lewinsky thing. Before we start creating legacies and stuff, let’s fill in some gaps. Jennifer Flowers, and several other bimbos must be included in there, of course.

    If we’re gonna be authentic, we must be complete.

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