MAY 3, 2008 9:25 AM EST

CAMPAIGNING IN NORTH CAROLINA……   In No. 3760 we dipped into The Archives to resurrect our piece on “Core Business”.  We already gotten quite a response.  Well, yesterday we also dipped back into “The Archives” and came back to spend some time in North Carolina.  See, we spent some time in North Carolina, as a “fresh” 20 year-older in the 50s, at Fort Bragg North Carolina in The 18th Airborne Corps.  

We expect this to be a much more enjoyable time.  This time we don’t have Korea on our mind.  This time we have The White House on our mind.  This time we don’t have on olive-green fatigues and jump boots.  This time we have on leisure pants and sneakers and a black tee shirt with “OBAMA  ’08” emblazoned across it.  

Last time we were part of a war effort (though they didn’t call it a war-they called it a “Conflict”- but, it was a damn war!!!).  Oops we’re not supposed to what- oh, it’s okay to “damn” the war-we just can’t…) OK, since it’s kosher to damn “that war”, that we fought in,  I guess it’s OK for us to damn this one in Iraq, without exciting a bunch of folk who probably never lifted a gun to defend their country…  Nor stood on the wall to make sure that good  folk could sleep peacefully in their beds at night.  

We’re on that wall again, in a way of speaking.  Wyllene and I will spend the next few days, through Tuesday, helping to get out the vote, here in Tar Heel country.  We’ll tell you more about it later..but we gotta go to work now…. 


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