The Dark Art of Media Politics and Socioeconomic Program Priority ~ Wilfong’s Corner

By Louis J. Celli Jr.

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying WILFONG’S CORNER. I especially liked the reprint of The Honorable Condoleezza Rice’s comments on racism ( ). I agree that mainstream media is more concerned with promoting racism than healing it. The reason I say this is because media has turned into a profit/loss venture and nothing more.

The altruistic “for the good of the people” foundation on which the “news” was built is pretty much gone. What the American people get now is a filtered blend of sensationalism tempered with “human interest stories”. The bottom line is all about viewership and readership which translates directly into sponsorship and dollars.

So to round out my comment above, mainstream media would much rather run a story about Imus being a pig than replay Condoleezza Rice’s comments which could very well serve to educate and heal a nation divided. By purposely inciting discourse among Americans regarding race, the media either knowingly, unwittingly, or with depraved indifference only serve to exacerbate racial differences rather than unify our nation.

Now, to get to today’s message. As “well intentioned” as our government is, they can’t cure all ills by constantly piling laws on top of laws. I couldn’t agree more that the laws which are in place now are sufficient to bring opportunity to socioeconomic groups historically disadvantaged. What we need to change as a people is our culture. I have always believed in the carrot versus the stick methodology and as long as rules are in place to

promote growth within our respective communities, then the responsibility lay upon us to utilize these tools which have been put in place for our own maximum practicable utilization.

Communities which band together to recognize, champion and celebrate advancement will ultimately serve to encourage further growth. Rules which are backed with empty threats and soapbox rhetoric are quickly ignored and at best only promote minimum success standards. If we engage the FED contracting and prime communities to develop creative ways to motivate them to seek increases toward “maximum practicable utilization”, psychologically, they will have buy-in because if done properly they will maintain the belief that it was their idea. As humans, we will instinctively seek to protect and defend our ideas. If we try to force them, they will resist and by nature only do as much as minimally necessary in order to avoid pain.

If on the other hand they are somehow convinced that by working toward the desired goal they will derive pleasure, they will work much harder to achieve, surpass and over-achieve the intended goal.

If we allow these well intentioned law makers to pit us against each other, we will get swept up in a sea of controversy and will systematically be ignored as FED will remain paralyzed. There is no “silver bullet solution” and different people are motivated for different reasons, but successfully creating an atmosphere of reward and benefit will definitely appeal to the masses as opposed to demands for equality, saber rattling and grandstanding. This is exactly where we come in.

“I give you a fish, you eat for the day. I teach you to fish…….”

This is exactly why education hands on, belly to belly and advocacy is so important. We’re not here to give out free lunches, were educating fishermen (or fisherpersons if you prefer) on better fishing techniques. There’s enough fish out here for everyone, we need to stop competing for the fish in the barrel and head out to the ocean.

Thanks Hank for stimulating the debate and I look forward to hanging out with you on the “corner”.

Louis J. Celli Jr.
Northeast Veterans Business Resource Center Inc.

“Serving American heroes, one business at a time”


1 comment
  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    HOOOOAAAAH…..Way to go Louis. What an outstanding article. We need more from the SDVOB community to “get it”. We need more from the SDVOB community to express their opinions. Folk are listening. And, they will respond.

    YES WE CAN!!

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