Ms. Wilfong on Jeremiah Wright: Obama 08′ ~ Wilfong

[ Foreword from the Editor of 8-PAC| The First Lady in the movement that was sparked many years ago, has graced us with her ideas and perspectives on the real and pervasive implications of this election cycle for all Americans; and the political double-standard that continues to plague our electoral machinery.]

“How complete the union has become and how dear to all of us, how unquestioned, how benign and majestic, as state after state has been added to this, our great family of free men!” – Thomas Woodrow Wilson

By Wyllene L. Watson-Wilfong

We have an opportunity to pay restitution to our ancestors and to those who have first hand knowledge of slavery. There are generations who remember the Black code, The Jim Crow Law, Apartheid, Restrictive covenants, racial profiling, lynching, red lining, eminent domain, higher interest rates than other groups, rapes, incest, separation of families, false imprisonment, etc., and the list of the human injustices just keep going on.

We are still witnessing a human lynching… Rev. Jeremiah Wright spoke of what a white man said and now Barack Obama has to pay for it… so what’s new!!

Barack Obama is being stripped to his bones based on petty innuendos of being an “elitist”, and now the ad by the opposition about his disagreement with the death penalty for gang members who murder. Ok well let’s look at gang members… What gang is Hilary and Bill Clinton in and what have they done to kill not one American but a whole group of Americans… free trade took jobs away from many Midwesterners.

And Bush and his cohorts are killing many troops in Iraq under the guise of WMD which is really his need to prove himself as the “big dog” over his father. And McCain and his dear wife, who enjoy the beer hustlers to keep her in heir status will not only continue with the “gang syndrome” of the war but will probably promote the selling of alcohol… maybe even lower the drinking age…

We owe it to our ancestors and to ourselves to change the face of the leadership in America. We have the opportunity to leave a legacy for current and future generations to literally see that the movements for – equality, social and economic justices, human rights, fair housing, right to due process and representation and etc.; did not go in vain but gained the momentum which resulted in victory during our lifetimes.

If we allow the Clinton’s or McCain’s into the Whitehouse, we will have lynched ourselves… And those of us who survive the lynching just take a look at the hoe and shovel and Oh don’t forget the head rag. It will be slavery time again.


Wyllene L. Watson-Wilfong
Watson International Services, LLC

  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    Great letter Wyllene. No, OUTSTANDING letter. Now, when you gonna write more about that “Legacy” and stuff. And, what that “lynching” stuff.

    Pleas do tell us more–SOON.

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