April 23, 2008


So, we did not close it last night. For a minute, I had “hoped”, we could pull it off. But, in the end, the Clintons, the chameleons that they are, pulled it off. They switch personalities, and re-invent themselves almost at will. However, I do not believe, nor do I suggest that we try to emulate them.

They are so intent on winning that they’ll send their daughter out clubbing overt the weekend in gay and lesbian bars. The media had shots of her hugged up with folk. And they reported on her having her butt pinched, numerous times. UGGGGHHH…

Meanwhile, don’t worry too much about the media spin. Remember OUR “game plan”. Remember we did NOT expect to win PA. We just needed to cut the margin. WE DID THAT.

The media may forgot that a couple month’s ago Hillary OWNED Pennsylvania. She led by 30 points. I am perfectly satisfied that we were able to cut it to 10 points. And, more importantly she had a net gain of ONLY 6 delegates.

“Blue-collar workers, women and white men favor Clinton while blacks, the affluent and voters who recently switched parties chose Obama.” That’s the way the Savannah Morning News summed it up. Now, that’s our game plan.

What may be even more important, they are in a DEFICIT cash position. We’re already spending like crazy in Indiana, for a couple weeks now. Let’s raise some more money, and go kick some butt in North Carolina and Indiana.

We’ve just begun to fight. We will keep the faith. And we will win.

I wish we would be a bit more aggressive. We’re getting so much “incoming”, and we’re playing too much defense. We need to send some “outgoing”. And, when we get her bracketed in, we need to “fire for effect”.

Right now, I’d FORGET about McCain. If we don’t knock Hillary out, they’ll find some way to steal it. And, their will be no McCain in our future.

Of course, I don’t run the campaign. What we do as a team is up to someone at a much higher pay-grade. I’m tired of hunkering down, and taking fire. Eventually, it works on the morale of the troops. The Ol’ Sarge would send out a couple attack squads of our own.

Meanwhile, Wyllene and I will do all we can to help it get done. We hope ya’ll will do the same. We don’t have a young daughter. But, if we did, we wouldn’t pimp her.

YES WE CAN!!!!!!

Henry T. Wilfong Jr., MBA, CPA

President, National Association of Small Disadvantaged Businesses

  • Former Appointee of Governor and President Ronald Reagan
  • Member, Bush-Cheney Transition Team-Small Business Advisory Group
  • Co-Chair, Obama Unity Committee/Black Republicans for Obama

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