Final Note : Pennsylvania’s Democratic Presidential primary ~ Post No. 042208-3

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CNN Video | Candidates Closing Statements

On the eve of Pennsylvania’s Presidential primary, polling numbers are all over the map. In nearly all polls, Hillary Clinton leads — but the agreement ends there. Depending upon which pollster you trust, Clinton is leading by anywhere from 5-10 points. Here are the latest polls:

  • PENNSYLVANIA (Newsmax/Zogby): Clinton – 48%, Obama – 42%.
  • PENNSYLVANIA (Rasmussen): Clinton – 49%, Obama – 44%.
  • PENNSYLVANIA (Public Policy Polling): Obama – 49%, Clinton – 46%.
  • PENNSYLVANIA (Insider Advantage): Clinton – 49%, Obama – 39%.
  • PENNSYLVANIA (Quinnipiac University): Clinton – 51%, Obama – 44%.
  • PENNSYLVANIA (Suffolk University): Clinton – 52%, Obama – 42%.

In related news, the AP reports Obama started April with $42 million cash-on-hand — while Clinton’s campaign is essentially broke. Clinton reported $9.3 million cash-on-hand, but owed $10.3 million in unpaid debts to her pollster, phone bank firm, and advertising agency.


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