“Blast form the Past Series” ~ ISSUE STATEMENT 120: IT’S NOT JUST THE LAW, IT’S RIGHT – Wilfong

Foreword from the Editor of 8-PAC:

[Below is one of the most prolific and thoughtful summary statements regarding the plight of Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDBs), and it was written by our very own dialectic artesian, Mr. Wilfong, more than ten (10) years ago. Although the context was in the wheelhouse of the mid 90s’ debate on the topic of set-asides, its relevance today is obvious.

We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda it is a form of truth.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy]





The full and true integration of Minority-owned businesses into the Federal procurement system is not just the Law- it is the right thing to do. This country will never recognize its true greatness until and unless people accept the fact that we must fully utilize all the resources at our disposal. We will not prosper in the new Global competition, until and unless we tap the vast reservoir of talent that we have in our minority community. And so minority-business usage may not only be the Law, and right, it may be vital to our future success.

There’s a big controversy whirling about the Country as to whether the minority set-aside programs are in danger of being destroyed, ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Well, we don’t believe the Court will rule against the Congressional right to pass Laws mandating SDB usage.

But even if they rule as to the legality, it won’t dismiss the fact that it is right, to include all people in our National system.

The National Association is a trade association, and is therefore non-partisan, by requirement. However, we are committed to certain ideas and support philosophies and policies that are in the best interests of our constituency. And I see no prohibition as to our being “political”. In other words, there’s no prohibition against us promoting those whose ideas are consistent with ours. There’s no prohibition against us supporting programs which include us and being against programs which do not include us.

Consequently, we need to continue keeping track of those things that we SDBs are a part of, and not a part of. As Congress goes through its annual budget deliberations our representatives ought be more politically conscious of whether they’re doing right by us. God knows, I love my country, but to continue to deserve my support, my country must do right by me. Oh, by the way, the Supreme Court may decide what’s legal, but we individually decide what’s right for us. If it don’t include us, it ain’t right.

The struggle continues. until we succeed,

Henry T. Wilfong Jr., CPA

NOTE: Hank Wilfong is currently the President of NASDB; former Chairman of NASA Minority Business Resource Advisory Committee; former Associate Administrator SBA

Source: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SMALL DISADVANTAGED BUSINESSES website archive: http://nasdb.org/IssuancesHistorical.phtml

1 comment
  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    Wow…Rudy, you dug down to get this one. This was the time I was a little “bitter” over the fact that The Clintons were in collaboration with “those damn Republicans” to dismantle what took us all those years to construct. The Clintons “mend it don’t end it” strategy played perfectly into the hands of Newt Gingrich and his crowd.

    At first we thought The Clintons didn’t know, what the Republicans were doing and how they planned on doing it. We told The Clintons that Gingrich didn’t have the votes to override a Clinton veto. We gave them names and numbers. Then, we realized we were caught in a crossfire. The Clintons KNEW. They were in collaboration with the Republicans. We had been sold out.

    Now, some will forgive and forget. But, not the Ol’ Sarge. We don’t forget folk who call us friend, stand behind us and hold our arms while others stare us in the face and gut us. Now, you see why we’re “bitter”? We knew what the Republicans were, we’d dealt with them for 20 years or so. We didn’t know and understand, however, what The Clintons were, and what they were capable of. They evidently still retain that duplicitous nature of the 90s.

    Remember, “The Godfather”, where Marlon Brando told Michael Corleone, “It was Barzini, all the time.” Well listen to the Ol’ Sarge, “It was the Clintons, all the time.”

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