Something we read in one of the blogs significantly changed our mind about The Clintons getting out of the race.  The blogger said:

“Hillary Clinton is uniting the party behind Obama by staying in the race. The longer she’s around, the more people remember what the Clintons are all about and fewer and fewer are pining for a third term.”

Then, we read in the Washington Post something that reinforced our change in mind:

“Campaigning across Pennsylvania by bus, Obama is taking a new approach to engaging with Clinton, urging her to continue campaigning as long as she wants while asserting that their 15-month battle is “historic” and would do no lasting damage.”

The longer she stays in the race, spewing the stuff she spews, and being who she is, the clearer it becomes that there is a tremendous gap between Clinton and Obama, as to class and credibility.  The big problem that she and her husband has, is there is a big hole in the middle of their chest.  You know where the soul goes.

The Clintons think they are, but they are not, bigger than the Democratic Party.  The Clintons they are, but they are not, bigger than the American public. The Clintons have long ago decided that they are destined to, deserve to, return to the White House so Bill can have his third-term.  They care little that the third term is in violation of The Constitution, as amended.  They care little that state after state has declared Obama to be their Democrat of choice.  In their convoluted thinking they figure that winning the “big states” in the primaries, is indicative of a win in the final.  And, in the end, the American people will come to their senses.

Well, Clintons, the American people are trying to tell you something, if you will just listen. Mrs. Hillary Clinton, husband of Bill, has a “likability” negative that will not be overcome, no matter what mask she tries to disguise herself in.  In the end, the American people will not be fooled by “the skunks you throw into the room”.  We the people will decide, based on the good sense that God blessed us with..  The longer you stay in the race, the clearer it becomes that you and your husband are the face of evil.  And we will reject you.

In the end, we can survive you.  The Democratic Party can survive you.  And, in November, we shall win those “little states” that you said didn’t matter.  And, we just may have a surprise or two in those “big states” that will go Democrat, even if (maybe because of) you’re not on the ticket.

Henry T. Wilfong Jr., MBA, CPA

President, National Association of Small Disadvantaged Businesses

  • Former Appointee of Governor and President Ronald Reagan
  • Member, Bush-Cheney Transition Team-Small Business Advisory Group
  • Co-Chair, Obama Unity Committee/Black Republicans for Obama

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