We’re watching the “talking heads” on TV, this Sunday, before we get into something a lot more real.  We’re gonna be watching some amateurs play a little basketball in  a thing popularly known as “March Madness”.  Watching the UCLA Bruins play into The Four was indeed rewarding.  The NCAA tournament will be over next week.  We wish the orgy the talk shows are having over the Democratic thing would likewise be over soon.

But the second place, “ain’t gonna win candidate”, refuses to close shop “until all the voters have had a chance to vote”.  And, so that those who’ve violated the rules be granted “new life” so they can compete in the Democratic convention.  The NCAA also has rules which, if you violate, you’re gonna have to pay the consequences.  Violate recruiting rules, you get “suspended” from competition.

We heard on one of the shows that Sen. Barack Obama said that Clinton should not be forced to quit.  Not as long as she, herself, thinks she has a chance.  We humbly disagree with the candidate we support.  We categorically suggest that if it were he who were so woefully behind, we’d be pulling him aside and suggesting that he needs to close up shop, for the sake of the Party.  November is too important to lose it, or even endanger the prospects, because someone is on an ego trip.  Or, has suicidal, self  destructive  tendencies.  Or, has a spouse who has same.

Sen. Obama is politically correct in saying what he said-for himself.  But, the truth of the matter is, Hillary Clinton should get out of a race she can not win.  She can only “steal” it.  And, in doing so, she would tear the Democratic Party apart.

She and her husband, Bill Clinton are so obsessed with their belief they are destined to return to the White House for Bill’s third term, that they would destroy the Party, and anything else that gets in the way.  They’d lie for it, cheat for it, maybe even kill for it.

Some one who cares about the future of the Party should tell her the consequences of what she’s doing.  Also, we whose vote she seeks, the Democratic voters, ought tell her-enough is enough.  Back in the day, when someone was injured, we used to hide their helmet so they couldn’t sneak back in the game.  If they snuck back in with someone else’s helmet, we’d call time out, and go drag their hindparts off the field.

Someone needs to call time and go drag….

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    The more we see her “perform” the more we’re convinced that someone needs to go drag Hillary’s hin parts off the field. She’s obviously suffered some kind of “concussion” or worst. She wants to be Rocky Balboa. Does she realize what punches to the head can do? Oftentimes a fighter doesn’t know he’s had enough.

    Someone who cares about them needs to step in when that happens. Rocky has taken too many punches. The corner needs to throw in the towel.

    We fear a corpse may be the result of extending the campaign. And, unfortunately, that corpse could be a fractionalized Democratic Party.


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