Gallup | Global Entrepreneurship Index – Post No. 032408-2


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The most pressing problems facing Entrepreneurs today involve more than just one nation. The problems are global and dependent on conditions in other regions of the world. Gallup’s regional experts help clients understand all angles of an issue from many national and cultural perspectives. America’s immigration issue may be easier to resolve if the Mexican perspective is considered. Are you interested in or concerned about the outsourcing of jobs to India? Interpreting opinions on this topic in India may actually be the best place to start learning about global enterprises. Can America’s healthcare options be instructed by what is happening in Moscow? And, politics and security at home are absolutely affected by politics and security issues abroad.  Is corruption a challenge for governments, businesses or both?  How can Muslim-West relations improve? All of these complex problems require a global perspective and regional expertise.

The global landscape is fragile and continuously changing. Deep understanding of problems often comes through tracking and trending the most meaningful measurements. By tracking and understanding these items, we help clients better understand if humanitarian aid is working in a country, if a region is stable enough for investment or targeted expansion, or if a country’s economy is primed for a boom because of an engaged workforce.

Other sources of information such as the World Bank’s development indicators are also used to help discover correlations and lead to strategic recommendations to our clients.


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