Carroll Robinson

(The following is a copy of a letter to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee from Atty. Carroll G. Robinson, a Professor at Texas Southern University and former Houston City Councilmember.)


March 12, 2008

Honorable Sheila Jackson-Lee
Member of Congress
18th District
Houston, Texas

Dear Congresswoman Jackson-Lee:

As my member of Congress and a National Co-Chair of the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign, I am calling on you to denounce and reject Geraldine Ferraros’ racist attack on Senator Obama and demand that she resign from the campaigns national finance committee.

You can support Senator Clinton for President but you must speak out against the negative, and at times racist, campaign that she is running.

You are beginning to lose support and respect in the 18th District and people are beginning to say that they will not vote for you and Clinton if she is the nominee because of the kind of campaign she is running against Obama.

You have a special and historic responsibility to standup and oppose the unethical and negative campaigning of the Clinton campaign like Barbara, Mickey and Craig would.

Thank You,
Carroll G. Robinson, Esq.

  1. Hank Wilfong said:


    “But, in fact, senator, you are now campaigning as if Barack Obama were the Democrat and you were the Republican.” (THAT JUST ABOUT SUMS IT UP.)

    Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comments” section was hard to believe, if you weren’t seeing it. And, even then, it was almost “in a class by itself”.

    Rep. Hoyer the words you utter, as to the candidates toning it down, are rather hollow, when compared with what you, as a senior leader of the Democratic Party could do.

    It is reported that you “previously expressed his hope that the primary fight would be over by the spring.” Well it has become abundantly clear that won’t happen. It has also become abundantly clear that neither candidate will secure enough pledged delegates to wrap up the nomination, prior to the convention. It is suggested, then, that this means you superdelegates, will decide the identity of the nominee.

    It is reported that “Hoyer stood by his previous statement that superdelegates — mostly elected officials and party leaders — should act as independent operators when choosing between the two candidates, using his own home state of Maryland as an example.

    Maryland held its presidential primary on Feb. 12, a race won overwhelmingly by Obama. But, according to Hoyer, he and other Maryland superdelegates will not be called upon to choose a candidate until late August when the Democratic National Convention convenes in Denver.”

    With so much time having passed between the February vote and the August convention, it is unreasonable to assume that nothing in the race has changed and that if another vote were held in Maryland that the same result would occur, explained Hoyer.”

    “What I’ve said is I think . . . an awful lot of things can happen between Feb. 12 and the last week in August, and I will have to take all of that into consideration when I make a determination in August, or frankly before that.”

    I hear all that Representative Hoyer. And, I recognize that I am no longer a resident of Maryland, having moved and re-registered in Savannah, Georgia, this past September. But, I did vote for Barack Obama, on Tuesday, February 5th. My current Congressman, John Barrow later endorsed Barack Obama for President of The United States of America. In doing so, Rep. Barrow said:

    “The voters in the 12th District of Georgia spoke on Feb. 5, and the message came in loud and clear. They want Sen. Barack Obama to be the next president of the United States, and I agree with them.”

    He couldn’t have said it any plainer. He couldn’t have made the possible solution any clearer. Sir, if the remaining approximately 350 superdelegates pledge your votes to the person who has dramatically demonstrated his ability to cut across party lines; and to significantly draw new voters to the polls, this senseless squabbling could cease.

    Absent that, and if you wait until August, The Democratic Party’s chance to cease the power will be gone. The foxhole warfare will continue, and it will get worst.

    The Democratic candidates will continue to set a sumptuous table for John McCain.

    Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comments” section, last night, was as we said, hard to believe, if you weren’t seeing it. He said to Sen. Clinton, in absentia, “But, in fact, senator, you are now campaigning as if Barack Obama were the Democrat and you were the Republican.”

    Mr. Majority leader listen to Keith Olbermann. Listen to a former Marylander.

    And, by the way, just in case you have not noticed. The vile and duplicitous stuff is coming from ONE camp. The Clintons act as if they were preordained to spend a third term in The White house. The Clintons act as if they fully expect you superdelegates, including Sheila Jackson Lee and Stephanie Tubbs Jones, to go against what their eyes and ears and their guts are telling them. We hear the former President is running and calling around the country to collect on “chits” owed him from his Presidency.

    How sleazy. Did not these “appointees” of his repay that “chit” by honorably and faithfully discharging the duty they were assigned to handle? Having served in three different Presidential positions, that was my position for each circumstance.

    The Clintons seem to be intent on following a game plan designed by the “party elders”, to keep them safe from charismatic, young orators and visionaries who have an incredible ability to tap into the very souls of folk, and to create a movement of change.

    Make no mistake about it though, Mr. Majority Leader, that movement will not follow a hollow leader who’s “past experience” is a target that The Republicans will exploit to victory. Hillary and her husband, Bill, simply have too much baggage to carry through a rough and tumble campaign against the Republicans. Don’t let them lead us to that precipice, Keith Olbermann spoke so eloquently about the other night.

    Henry T. Wilfong Jr., MBA, CPA
    President, National Association of Small Disadvantaged Businesses
    Former Appointee of Governor and President Ronald Reagan
    Member, Bush-Cheney Transition Team-Small Business Advisory Group
    Co-Chair, Unity Network and Black Republicans for Obama/(BRO)

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