Editors Choice: Obama – Clinton Ticket – Post No. 030908-1


  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    The “Spitzer thing” makes the “Dream Ticket” possibilities an even more “undesirable situation’ Can you imagine the knives the Republicans are sharpening up for The Clintons. Any one even close to them are likely to get sliced in the melee.

    Hillary did not denounce and reject her husband. So, I question whether she has the right to denounce and reject Mrs. Spitzer’s husband. It saddened me, what happened with Bill Clinton. But, you know what, Bill’s having done what he did, and Hillary quietly bearing it, made it easier to accept the reality of what’s happening now.

    I do NOT condone it. But I “accept” it. But, no matter what happens in those two couples’ homes, it would not stand the mustard in my house.

    I’m rather ashamed of what’s happening right now. We didn’t really need this. We didn’t deserve this. But, it reminds me of the trust we must be able to have in who sleeps in our White House.

    And, Hillary’s failure to influence her husband speaks volumes as to both her leadership and her judgment.

    The Dream Ticket –fuggeddaboutit…

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