A primer on Ohio: before the debate – Post No. 022408-5

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Video| Lost manufacturing jobs in Ohio

In Ohio the loss of 250,000 manufacturing jobs in the past four years will be key when voters go to the polls. The decline in US manufacturing is nowhere more evident than in parts of Ohio. As factories close, two-hundred and fifty thousand manufacturing jobs have been lost in the past four years…those jobs will be on voter’s minds March 4th when they go to the polls and the major candidates are keeping jobs and trade the focus on the trail.

“Ohio will once again decide who wins the White House,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern. “The Ohio Democratic debate is important because it will allow the next President of the United States to address the issues most important to Ohioans.”

Republican Party Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine also highlighted the state’s potential kingmaker status. “No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio,” said DeWine. “It’s a critical battleground state in November that could play a deciding role on March 4. We’re proud to partner with CNN on this debate in advance of what could be a decisive primary election in the Buckeye State.”

The Democratic debate will take place Wednesday, February 27, while the Republican debate will follow on Thursday, February 28. The network said further details will be released soon.


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