Why are young people so interested in the 2008 election? – Post No. 020908-2

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  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    They said he was “unelectable” – turns out SHE is that.

    They said he couldn’t win the Black vote (The Clintons held an IOU on them)- NOT!

    They said he couldn’t win the White vote – well, not ALL of them.

    They said it would be over by Super Tuesday- it ain’t over yet, maybe by March 4th.

    We say. YES WE CAN!!!!!

    We “commoners” scoff at their claims that she’s not establishment. ALL reasonable people scoff at her claims. EIGHT years in The White House tends to presumptively make one “establishment”. Furthermore,they insist that her experience would make her better able to bring about change.(But, they seeks to downplay that experience when they deny the “establishment” tag. C’mon either she is, or she is not, one of the “good ol’ boys”.)

    Obama, uses soaring rhetoric to call for a new kind of politics that seeks to bridge racial and partisan divisions. While others, particularly a former President, and others of the old guard-old politics, seek to inject the race card, the 46-year-old senator burst onto the national political stage as an Illinois state legislator four years ago with a rip-roaring speech at the Democratic Party convention, continues to speak of “hope” and “change”. The
    old-guard tends to pooh pooh his words, this “hope” and “change”. But, we the people, love them. This is truly the guy who can transform Washington.

    The media reports “Obama cruised to decisive wins in Louisiana, Nebraska and the state of Washington to gain momentum in the deadlocked, state-by-state fight with Clinton where every delegate to the party’s summer convention has become crucial.”

    Next comes Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

    We can hardly wait……..

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