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Super Tuesday

The political calendar for presidential candidates so far this year has featured only one or two election contests at a time. But next Tuesday definitely lives up to its billing as Super Tuesday. On that day, 24 states will hold primaries or caucuses.

There will be 1,681 Democratic delegates and 1,023 Republican delegates up for grabs to the national presidential nominating conventions.

A candidate needs 2,025 delegates to secure the Democratic nomination, and 1,191 to win the Republican nomination.

Stay tuned, it’s starting to get interesting!

  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    We had already started an Issuance, one of our “Wilfong’s Thought of The Day”, when it became “official”. We “knew” about it, but it had not yet become “official”. And, when it did happen we didn’t know it was gonna be like that. We knew Ted Kennedy was coming out for Obama. But, we didn’t know he was coming out like THAT…

    Now, everybody knows.

    What an awesome endorsement. We’re talking about the Elder Statesman of the democratic Party. And, the words he spoke. Right on point but pretty hard to take-for some, we’re sure. And, Senator Ted Kennedy told the truth-but it’s gonna be a bitter pill-for some.

    As we go into California, New York and Massachusetts, Obama doesn’t have to win the state, he just has to cut into the margins. California we understand from the polls has Clinton 43%, Obama 31%. We take away 5% from Hillary and Obama has 36% to her 38%. Now, that’s gonna bring some tears to some folk’s eyes.

    Massachusetts, is a garden of opportunity. The polls show Hillary ahead 59%-22%. But, that was BEFORE the Kennedys’ endorsement. Coupled with John Kerry, already being on board-that could easily rever into a 16% switch. Obama 38%-Hillary 43% wouldn’t be so bad. We might even make that a 20% switch=Obama 42%-Hillary 39%.

    This thing is going to the Convention. And, Obama will win in that case.


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