Obama & Reagan

Obama & the Gipper

January 20, 2008
LETTER TO THE EDITOR| Wall Street Journal


I just read your editorial piece “Obama and the Gipper”. How astounding that Senator Obama received such flack over this. It is indicative of the poor state of the Democratic Party that so many of their folk went ballistic over a relatively simple statement that makes such sense. “This week, Barack Obama had the blaspheming temerity to acknowledge that Reagan was a transformational President.”

Well, Ronald Reagan was just that, a transformational President. Many may not like the transformation he performed. But, how can they logically dispute that he did, indeed, cause great change? I’m sure that much of the Democrats’ consternation had to do with the. “and in a way that Bill Clinton did not”, ending of the sentence. I’m sure they did not lose sight of the fact that Hillary Clinton was Bill Clinton’s help mate in their substantial failure to achieve change.

Which brings us to the point of whether Obama’s “seeking change” is enough. For me, for now, it is. His willingness to hear what so many of us are telling him, and to react the way he has, is an attitudinal change from The Clintons, in and of, itself. “And, it says something about the breadth of his political ambitions that he would do so”. You said that, and you are absolutely right. Obama will be able to attract a team that can effectuate meaningful change.

I was fortunate enough to have served in the Reagan Administration, in two separate capacities. Before that I was a political appointee of Governor Reagan. What seemed to impress those of us who served him, most of all, was his ability to lead, and his “mother wit”. He didn’t always have the answer. He pretty much left it up to “you smart fellas” to get done what needed to be done. He trusted, but, he verified.

I could be a “Black Republican for Obama”, if the young man keeps this up. He’s a “pretty smart fella”, himself.

Respectfully submitted,

Henry T. Wilfong Jr, MBA, CPA
President, National Association of Small Disadvantaged Businesses

Hank Wilfong Jr.
  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    Who, ARE these guys…..he asked…

    They are “the change” that is a comin’. And, it seems to be catching fire all over the country. It’s a good change. It’s like the tide that raises all ships.

    Won’t you come and take the ride…

    The struggle continues, until we succeed-and we shall,


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