SPOTLIGHT: Using a Woman-owned business as a front to increase sales… – Post No. 011808-1


Recently we have received several emails from unknown individuals in regards to opportunities to partner with Women-owned businesses in order to be more attractive to government agencies and ultimately increase sales.

As we do not post comments from “unknown” individuals, those posts were discarded.

However, the 8-PAC position on this topic is as follows:

We support legitimately partnering and joint-venturing with Women-owned businesses that are competent in their area of focus. However, any firm those partners with a woman-owned firm to simply exploit gender, is pitiful and a disgrace to capitalism.

Moreover, any Man who has a minority male-owned firm, and “hides behind a skirt” is not only pathetic, but less than a true Man. And we do not want your affiliation.

This is our position and we firmly stand by it.


Rudy Sutherland, MBA|Chairman
8VSB Political Action Committee      

  1. Hank Wilfong said:


    Would you now tell us what you REALLY think about men who hide behind women’s skirt hems?

    Bravo, My Brother…well said.

    National Association of Small
    Disadvantaged Businesses (NASDB)

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