H. Wilfong Jr.| LETTER TO THE EDITOR of the SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS – Post No. 011608-3

Hank Wilfong Jr.



I read your “Landslide for Change” editorial yesterday, with interest and elation. I read Geveryl Robinson’s piece with warmth and understanding. I almost cried myself on Thursday night.

H-I-S-T-O-R-Y was made on Thursday, January 4, 2008, in Iowa. Let’s hope this “landslide for change” results in what was thought virtually unbelievable just months, even weeks ago. Iowa gets some jabs from the rest of the country. Bigger, more urban states scoff at what they consider the relative unimportance of a state like Iowa. These same folk would scoff at Savannah.

How ironic, then, that Savannah, and the rest of Georgia could become a part of the History that’s being played out. We will be a part of “Super Tuesday” on February 5th. We can help send a message to the country, to the world, “Change is a coming”.

Like Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., I’d like to see folk look beyond the color of Barack Obama’s skin and see the content of his character. I want to see Michelle, as First Lady, and Milia and Sasha romping around the White House.

A lady supporter of Hillary Clinton, was quoted in Sunday’s paper, “I’m so excited to vote for my gender for the first time.” Reading that reminded me of something about myself. I’ve voted for many Presidents, even worked in the Administrations of a couple. But I’ve never voted for one who happened to be Black, like me.

Hank Wilfong Jr.

  1. Hank Wilfong said:

    It looks even better when it’s posted by someone or some vehicle that’s important. Now, I wonder why that is.

    Thanks for helping to get the word out. Particularly to we Black folk.

    A recent poll has indicated that there has been a significant shift in Blck folk, particularly amongst Black men. Well, good for us.

    It’s about time we shed the “Miss Anne” syndrome. (Please excuse an old Arkansas boy using a phrase from the past.)


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