Congressman Dennis Kucinich| U.S. Foreign Policy – Post No. 120907-8


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Who Is He?: Dennis Kucinich was born October 8, 1946 in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a graduate of Case Western Reserve where he received a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Kucinich ran unsuccessfully for a number of posts before serving as mayor of Cleveland from 1977 to 1979. He then worked in a number of jobs before returning to the Ohio State Senate in 1994 and winning election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1996. Kucinich also sought the 2004 Democratic nomination for president.

International Experience: Kucinich served as a congressional representative to at least one global climate treaty conference. His campaign Web site says he has “…hosted an international parliamentary session” and “…has been recognized for his advocacy of human rights in Burma, Nigeria and East Timor.” In 2003, Kucinich won the Gandhi Peace Award.

Dennis Kucinich’s Foreign Policy Positions: Representative Kucinich favors an immediate end to American involvement in Iraq. As president, he says he would create a Department of Peace. Kucinich advocates U.S. withdrawal from the North American Free Trade Agreement, and he opposes the Central American Free Trade Agreement. He favors American endorsement of the Kyoto Protocol on global climate change.


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