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I sincerely hope your thanksgiving holiday was pleasant. Now it’s time to get back to our primary point of focus in the 9th Congressional District| how to get the most out of our vote for Congressman Al Green.

The background information provided to you under posts number 111507-1, 111907-1, 111907-2, 112207-1, and 112407-1 was to supply some basis for how Congress works. Many of our members know this process, thoroughly; however, to many this is all new.

If our goal is to maximize the utility of our collective vote for the Honorable Al Green; we should first take inventory of what we have and have not done to help ourselves. Congressman Green’s website has a link titled “Doing Business with the Federal Government” which has the basic information links useful to most small businesses just getting started.

Please let us know if this information is/has been sufficient for you to obtain traction in positioning your firm for Federal Government contracts. In addition, please share your story.

If you are absolutely satisfied with status quo, we need know. If not, we must know that also. Our goal in this dialogue is to be fair and as objective as we can in our attempt to affect the political landscape to our betterment.

Each day, from now through the primaries, you will have the opportunity to contribute to this dialogue; a summary copy of which will be sent to you all. This dialogue, and those held with many of you discretely, will make up the architecture of agenda.

Once the road to the general election commences, our agenda will have been formalized and will be shared with the political candidates remaining for address.

More to come.

  1. I think the cap on Personal wealth needs to be raised. Right now it is to low, making it very difficult to qualify as an 8a company.

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