9th Congressional District Staff| Contact Information: Post No. 112207-1

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

Before we begin our engagement of the Congressman and his staff, we would like to provide you (the 8(a) and small business voter) with the names, titles, and contact information for the Congressman Al Green and his Staff.

In future posts, we will advise you of whom we recommend be contacted in regards to issues and concerns that are relevant to our collective progress. If you do not receive a timely response from the Congressman or his Staff, please let us know.

Houston Office| 3003 South Loop West, ste 460, Houston, Texas 77054

Washington DC| 425 Cannon HOB, Washington DC 20515

  • Honorable Al Green| Congressman| al.green@mail.house.gov| H-713.383.9234(o): 713.383.9202(f) |DC-202.225.7508(o): 202.225.2947(f)|
  • Jacqueline A. Ellis| Chief of Staff| jacqueline.ellis@mail.house.gov| 202.225.7508(o)
  • Oscar T. Ramirez| Legislative Director| oscar.ramirez@mail.house.gov| 202.225.7508 (o)
  • Lucinda R. Daniels| District Director & Counsel| lucinda.daniels@mail.house.gov| 202.812.0539 (m): 713.383.9234 (o)
  • Clarence “Doc” Holliday| Community Liaison| clarence.holliday@mail.house.gov|281.455.2510 (m): 713.383.9234 (o)
  1. William D. Mouzon said:

    My Company is Boweevile Industrial Supply and we are a Wholesaler/Distrbutor of Industrial chemicals such as Herbicides,Pesticides,Insecticides and Janitorial Supplies as well as many paper goods.
    I am a Disable Veteran and I feel as 504 has not been passed at all.Contractors with 100 works to me is not a small at all.But thats why I am letting you know now that the Contracting process is not working for me at all.
    I would like to talk to anyone that will take the time to contact me.
    Contact Info: William D.Mouzon
    Work Phone: 678-519-1182
    Cell Phone: 404-502-4286
    Cage Code:1SA73

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